first time in 2003: always Incarnation, always different

The name "Incarnation" came straight out of the subconscious of a 21-year old 'promising jazz guitar talent ' who was fooled to neglect his Be-Bop chops by that bastard Rock'n'Roll. Partly as a result of moving to Berlin. The first victims of the Incarnation amoeba were drummer Sebastian Maschat ( who later came to fame as the Back-Beat-and-Bone of The Whitest Boy Alive ) and talented-singer-songwriter-abused-as-bass-&-banjo-player Nathan Vanderpool.


Back in those days (pre-facebook and all that crap) gigs were very spontaneous. Sometimes we realized after we've played , that we've just had a gig as a band, which started out as a joke or a jam or something. So Tomi never thought about calling it a band before people started asking, and "Incarnation" just popped into his  mind - Et voilà!

This snippet from Kat Frankie and Crazy For Jane organizes "Analogue Poets" event at Schokoladen represents early Incarnation (known as "The Tommy Simatupang Incarnation" back then) quite well. And a very special crowd we had.

Things got pretty prog-rockish  around 2005, but Boris Kontorowsky's Rockabilly-rooted Contrabass kept it very earthy and organic.

Also featuring: Nathan Vanderpool - accoustic guitar, banjo, Ben Montgomery -trumpet, Claudio and Maschat. Photo: Marie Sjovold

Enjoy two tracks we recorded at the basement of late great Café Moskau. Dehydrated (color) and Sweet Schimes (monochrome)

This Incarnation features Sonnenallee actor Alexander Scheer on drums! Watch Uli Schueppel's BerlinSong !

This Incarnation featured bassist Daniela Petry and drummer Harald Thiemann.

2012 - 2014 saw different collaborations with celebrated Berlin institution Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, whose music department director Detlef Diedrichsen challenged me to compose for their Choir Chor Der Kulturen under Barbara Morgenstern and Billy Neumann. I challenged them back by adapting Gamelan-style arrangement with interlocked rhythms and Slendro tuning to be sung by the choir. The band line up brought in Johannes Schleiermacher (Gunter Hampel, Andromeda Mega Express, Woima Collactive on

baritone sax and flutes and bassist Mark Roman Wickham, who I continue to work with.

in production

please enjoy the other videos

in production

please enjoy the other videos

"That Tomi Simatupang Incarnation"

BerlinSong Incarnation (with Alex Scheer)

This Tomi Simatupang Incarnation

Tomi Simatupang Incarnation - HKW


video of Incarnation recording latest album


More Incarnation

Honorable mentions

bass: Uli ..???  (upright), Jonathan Heine (electric), Connor....(?) (electric), Thomas Kornmaier (upright), Marcel Kroemker (upright).  

trumpet: John Ihle  keys: Molly Raney, Daniel Nentwig  violin: Marko Hefele   vox: Albertine Sarges, Cavana Lee-Hampel, Rike Scheffler

Chor Der Kulturen Der Welt (Barbara Morgenstern, Billy Neumann (singing conductors) and 30+ great people and voices!).

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